Emily Acker and Bethany Acker

As sisters, we have grown closer to each other and to God through our writing. We both began writing at a young age, creating short stories as children and then getting into novel writing as we grew older. Our love of writing and the experience that we have gained through that passion has allowed us to work from home as copywriters, creating product descriptions, blog posts, and more, while taking time for novel writing every day, as well.


We live in central Wisconsin, and while the weather isn't always as warm as we would like it to be, we enjoy being close to family and spending time with our many nieces and nephews as much as possible.


In her free time, Emily enjoys traveling. She and a few of her siblings - including Bethany - have taken multiple road trips across the country, and they have enjoyed visiting such places as Yosemite in California and Big Bend in Texas. Each state that is visited provides fresh inspiration for her writing.


Bethany loves photography and spending time in the kitchen. But, whether she is working on a new recipe, driving in the car, or out with her camera, writing is always on her mind, and she is constantly developing new characters and story ideas in her head.


Both of us enjoy reading, and we look up to other Christian authors and the heartfelt novels they have written. We hope to touch the lives of others through our writing, and we are excited to share a part of who we are with our first published novel No Longer Broken.


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